Thanksgiving week in the Bay

at the lovely Pescadero beach on Highway 1

Monday (11/22)

My friend Sreeya flew in from NYC to San Jose to spend the week with me. We ate some rather spicy tacos from a taco truck nearby and stayed in during the night after work and cooked some dinner while catching up on some facetimes.

Tuesday (11/23)

We both had to work on this day, so the workday dragged on quite a bit. We met another mutual friend for dinner at Inchin Bamboo Garden. Indochinese cuisine is perhaps my favorite one so I always enjoy eating at or taking out from Inchin. While it’s not the best Indochinese food I’ve had before, it does remind me of my love for this type of food, and specifically sweet corn soup.

Wednesday (11/24)

We took the Caltrain into SF for the day. Started off the day at the Ferry Building for a quick bite at Acme bread. Their spinach mushroom turnover was out of this world, especially pared with Red Bay’s slightly sweetened matcha latte. Then we took a cable car all the way over to Lombard Street which was so touristy but so fun. The last time I’ve been on an SF cable car was probably 12+ years ago with my family and I was feeling the throwbacks to that trip.

peep my hand petting Bodie the collie ❤

Thursday (Nov 25)

Thanksgiving Day! Sreeya and I went to my friend Sindhu’s house to spend Thanksgiving dinner with her family which was so nice. We tasked ourselves with baking a vegan chocolate loaf cake of sorts, which was a chill and lazy way for us to ease into the day. Dinner was excellent and included biryani, vada pav, tomato soup, and many other goodies — all of which were absolutely delicious.

Friday (Nov 26)

Sreeya and I booked a Turo car (later named Priya the Prius) from Friday to Sunday. On Friday morning, we took an uber to Cupertino to pick up the car and started familiarizing ourselves with the roads! We drove to Half Moon Bay and ate some tasty savory crepes at Maverick’s Creperie. Then we headed to the coastal trail and walked along the edge of the Pacific Ocean. The beaches were so peaceful and grounding to walk on. After spending a couple of hours at Half Moon, we thought it’d be nice to drive along Highway 1 for a few miles. We checked out 2–3 beaches around sunset time, which was such a good decision. Highway 1 is gorgeous in all aspects and I want to head back and drive along it again ASAP.

cute moments @ the beach :’)

Saturday (Nov 27)

We spent the morning driving to Testarossa Winery in Los Gatos which was a lovely decision. The entire winery, surrounding gardens, and vineyards are so pretty and the perfect atmosphere for a date or with a group of friends. I’d go back anytime to bask in the views and vibes. It also made me really want to explore Napa and Sonoma! Please visit with me ❤

this field is apparently where they grow the grapes for Pinot
beach with the natural bridge!

Sunday (Nov 28)

This day, we were supposed to visit Muir Woods but after watching a 4 minute time-lapse of the journey up, I wasn’t in the mood to deal with all the curves and twisty roads. I still want to visit Muir Woods in the future (and Hendy Woods State Park, as recommended by my manager!). We still drove into SF and went back to Acme Bread in Ferry Building. At this point, we met some friends and walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, and visited Sausalito for pizza and ice cream! Sausalito is such a cute town with good food, views, and vibes. Not sure what else is needed in life.

pizza, drinks, views

Monday (Nov 29)

passion fruit cake!

Tuesday (Nov 30)

Sreeya and I powered through work for most of the day and tried grilled cheese and fries at In & Out for the first time. This may be a hot take but as vegetarians, we did not love the meal lol. We later learned that we should have ordered the off-menu treat Animal fries but maybe I’ll try it in a couple of months.



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